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Two New Churches Starting!

Two young men in our church are starting new churches this month! This is so thrilling for us, and I hope you will rejoice with us. Both of these guys have been working with me closely for about three years. They have served as assistant pastors for the past year or so. They have witnessed, […]

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First Ordination Service

Last night we had our first ordination service here in China. Pretty exciting service! Some great testimonies and charges, took up a great offering for him (the biggest our church has ever given), and got him his Bible and ordination certificate. It has been so exciting to watch this young man grow in Christ over […]

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Back At It

Well I’m back in China after four months in the States. This was the longest that we’ve been away from the ministry here since arriving in 2007. And it hasĀ been an educational summer for me. Let me tell you some of the courses I’ve had to take… 1. Furlough Productivity I seriously hate to write […]

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Sunday Services Without Interruption

“But the Word of God is not bound.” Received a great report about Sunday’s services in China! The church held a Sunday morning worship service in the same house near the daycare that usually functions as Sunday school and office space. The police also came to this house while they were breaking up the main […]

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Police Situation Update – Released

First, just want to say thanks to all those who have been praying for the situation in China over the past couple days. The three guys and girl that were taken into the police station were released after a couple hours of questioning. They were separated for most of it, as I understand, and their […]

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Police Break Up Our Service

Oh the junk going through my head right now…. Got a phone call from my buddy tonight just as we were laying down to go to sleep. Told me that there was an email from China just sent out to our missionary team (I am in the States right now). This morning’s church service was […]

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The Police Meet Our Church

Yesterday a police officer came by the church building to check people’s residency cards. Just a routine thing that happens every once in a while for the police to keep tabs on what’s going on and who lives under their jurisdiction. I wasn’t there, but the three Chinese guys training for ministry were, as well […]

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Trajectory Shift

What a weekend! Made some big changes over the past week that have been in the making for a couple months. Sunday was our first run… 1. We distributed invitations to our church services to 1000 homes in our community. It included an explanation of the Gospel, a flyer about our church, as well as […]

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How to Make Believer Popsicles

Last night we celebrated our church’s three year anniversary. And we celebrated as only the Body of Christ can: with baptism and the Lord’s Supper. It was awesome. One of the Chinese guys preached and supervised the Supper, and another one of them baptized a couple guys from the Bible study that he runs on […]

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The Cop

Yesterday we broke our record for closest call with the law. About ten minutes before our service started, a police officer showed up. Well, when I say showed up, I mean he walked right into our auditorium while our musicians were practicing and the rest of us were putting out songbooks. By the time anyone […]

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