Becoming a financial supporter of Project China…

Project China is a church-planting ministry funded completely by the gifts of churches and individual Christians. Our team of American missionary families and Chinese pastors works in major cities in the northeast corner of mainland China, the DongBei region, which is home to 100 million people. These are the kinds of things we use this financial support to do…


Establish new Bible studies – Project China’s team of American and Chinese pastors continually looks for opportunities to organize new meeting points across the city where the Gospel will be proclaimed, in hopes that ultimately a church will be formed.





Support church-planters – when a young man trained by our team and his family set out to plant a new congregation, Project China endeavors to help them financially for the first couple years while their church is growing towards independence.





Train new church leaders – our team is constantly on the lookout in the churches we’ve planted for young men who are willing to give their lives to further the Gospel; Project China’s priority work is the training of such men for the ministry.




Project China has set up a fund designated for church-planting, and all the gifts received therein are used 100% for the planting of new churches in mainland China.  Click here to partner financially with Project China’s church-planting ministry in China. The Project China website allows you to make a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation securely via PayPal. All of our supporters receive regular correspondence from our team and updates about the advance of the ministry in Northeast China.

Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support that enable us to proclaim the Gospel in this place! If you have any questions about supporting Project China or other ways you can get involved in church-planting in Northeast China, please contact us.

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