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Increasing Your Church’s Missions Giving

I’ve had the great privilege over the past decade to visit many churches in the United States to talk about missions. One of the things that I’ve noticed in these travels is that there are some churches whose missions giving is out of all proportion to their size. That is, if you were to break […]

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Review of ‘Dispatches from the Front: Day of Battle’

First things first. If you haven’t already seen this film, click here and buy it. If you regret spending the money on it, write me afterwards and I’ll buy it off you. The newest installment of Tim’s Dispatches from the Front is the missions equivalent of a starter log. If you find yourself in a […]

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Review of ‘Light in the Darkness’

This week, I got a pre-release screening of ‘Light in the Darkness’, a new documentary about Christianity in India from ProChurch, thanks to my friend Trent Cornwell, who was one of the film’s producers. The preview for this film is available as of today. Please go to their page, check out the preview, like it, […]

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Chasing More Than Plenty

There’s some Bible passages that make us really uncomfortable. There are verses that instantly strike conviction deep into our heart. We have done what we ought not and not done what we ought. But then, there’s some other passages that seem to be speaking about an area where we sense we’ve been faithful to obey. […]

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Fear Plans

Heard this story before? A young man – a high school student, say – desires to serve the Lord. He wants to carry the Gospel to people without it around the world. So he talks to his parents. His parents, while happy to discover their son’s godly aspirations, caution him to earn a degree in […]

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Is Missional Living the ‘New Legalism’?

A recent post by Anthony Bradley laments what he sees as the establishment of a fresh form of legalism: the push for Western Christians – especially in the suburbs – to live ‘radically’ and ‘missionally.’ He talks about encountering Christian brothers and sisters who struggle with feelings of inadequacy and futility as they work to […]

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7 Reasons to Get to the Mission Field Before You’re 30

1. Languages are hard to learn It is very rare to meet a missionary who learned another language later on in life. A foreign language is not an opponent you want to underestimate. It will handicap you for the rest of your ministry unless you take it down early. Facing the challenges of learning a […]

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There’s a certain way to market the Great Commission that strikes a chord with bored twenty-somethings who are tired of college classes or are not looking forward to entering the rat race. And it goes something like… ‘Wouldn’t you like to do something meaningful with your life? Don’t waste your life in a cubicle when […]

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How to Become a Missionary in China

There seems to be a good number of people who make it to this blog in search of an answer to the question ‘how can I be a missionary to China?’ If that’s you, I would love to share a few thoughts with you as well as hear from you personally. It’s obvious that, in […]

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Under Pressure

I (and most of my friends) spend a lot of time thinking about all the reasons to be missionaries. But I just got to thinking this evening about the reasons not to be… • You will struggle to learn • You will fight fear constantly • You will feel responsible for souls Please note the […]

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