Recently I had the privilege to teach a modular course at the Our Generation Training Center in Georgia.

The OGTC provides the best missionary training that I know of in the States. I personally have benefited immeasurably from the teaching and challenge of the missionary team associated with the OGTC. Whenever I meet a student who is desirous of missions service in the future, I invariably recommend that they take some courses at the OGTC. Their program combines missions-focused modular instruction and life-on-life mentorship to prepare aspiring missionaries for maximum effectiveness.

The task assigned to me for the two week course I taught was to outline ‘The Role of the Foreigner in Chinese Missions.’ This is a complex issue, and I’m afraid that I may not have dealt with it in as nuanced way as it deserved. But, while it may be overly simplistic, the course will give you an idea of the strategy employed by the team members of Project China. Below are links to the five lectures, as well as four discussions of assigned reading.

Lecture #1 The Unique Historical Moment of Modern China

Reading Discussion #1

Lecture #2Common Perspectives on the Foreigner’s Role in Chinese Missions

Reading Discussion #2

Lecture #3 (A) Biblical Considerations in Determining the Missionary’s Role (Part 1)

Lecture #3 (B) – Biblical Considerations in Determining the Missionary’s Role (Part 2)

Reading Discussion #3

Lecture #4The Fulcrum of the Gospel’s Advance in China

Reading Discussion #4

Lecture #5Qualifications: Doing What Most Cannot

Thanks for listening! I hope these recordings will be of service to you in determining what your role will be in reaching China with the Gospel of Christ!

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