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The Lofty Status of Peons

I’ve just got one more post I want to share about our getting the boot. The drama continues there in northeast China, of course. The Chinese pastors occasionally get phone calls from the police. About a week ago, the police wanted them to turn over my bank card number so that they could check to […]

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Man of the Word – Wang Ming Dao

A couple weeks back, I wrote how the Gospel seems to threaten to make Chinese people into cultural orphans. In discussing some ways to encourage Chinese people who feel that pressure, I mentioned the role that church history can play. Connecting a new Chinese believer to the history of two thousand years of preachers, missionaries, […]

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Non-Negotiables for Believers in China

The past few days have been full of stories – Chinese believers and foreign missionaries recounting for Steph and I what happened to the church last Sunday. We’ve heard from so many how faithfully both the leadership and the membership of the church responded. All I can say is that I am extremely proud to […]

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And You Think You’re Bold?

My wife had an interesting experience when she was in the grocery store the other day. A couple college students walked up to her in the paper-products aisle with Bibles in their hands and started to share their faith with her. Mormons, I think. Pretty standard form of ‘evangelism’: chattering on endlessly about some doctrine […]

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Raising the Bar of Boldness

I hope that all of you have heard and are praying for the leaders of the Golden Lamp Church in northern China. Recently, this mega-church’s properties were confiscated and their leaders detained. As I understand it, five of the leaders have been sentenced to a few years in labor camps. The church reportedly has 50,000 […]

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The Meaning of Boldness

I got an email the other day asking for a personal opinion on what it means to be bold in witnessing in China. Really important to think about. We all know to say that we should be bold in our witness for Christ no matter where we are, but what counts as bold and what […]

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The Raptor Mentality

It’s not your city… really, it’s not. I understand your city is the provincial, gubernatorial, military, extraterrestrial capital or regional headquarters of whatever, but it’s not really that different there! This is the most tired of excuses to live without boldness in China (and I find myself wanting to use it, too). It’s much easier […]

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Public Faith, Public Idols

We are working our way through the book of Daniel right now at church. Could anything be more practically related to college students? Away from home for the first time, confronted with a hundred new temptations, immersed in a culture that is completely hostile to their faith. We’re primarily studying the way our faith influences […]

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