The Project China Manual

I know that my blog isn’t exactly a dream to navigate. I’ve got almost six years of posts (minus my sabbaticals!) with no real index to help sift through it all. On top of that, those who have followed my blog for a few years know that the nature of the blog itself has changed considerably in that time. It used to be almost daily updates on what we were experiencing as we got acclimated to life in China. When the newness wore off, it made more sense to give weekly updates. As our ministry grew here, our experiences led to more ‘editorial’-type posts that discussed various issues of ministry in China.

Another fantastic development over the years has been the growth of our team in Northeast China. The first missionary to join us in the city where we work also maintains a subscribe-worthy blog ( He was the one to take the most relevant posts from both of our blogs and index them in what we are calling the Project China Manual. Thanks to his work sorting out all this writing, you can quickly find articles that the Project China team has written about a given topic. Hope it helps you find what you’re looking for! Thanks for reading!

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