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Hong Kong the Populous

Just got back from Hong Kong. Our first time going down south, and it was a welcome relief from the frigid weather where we live. Hong Kong is an incredible city – here’s some lessons learned this week: 1. Cantonese is not just a fancy word for bad Mandarin. Hong Kong’s predominant language is Cantonese. […]

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What To Do With A Call To Missions

Here’s a common question (especially after a summer missions trip): what should I do if I feel God wants me to be a missionary? This is as important as it is common, too, because it is only a small percentage of people that commit to missions ever actually make it to the field. So it […]

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The Danger of Luxury

Today I saw a man with two little kids sitting on the street outside a coffee shop begging. Kids were dirty and skinny, running from passerby to passerby, waving their old McDonald’s cups hoping for loose change. Just as I was really getting deep into feelings of guilt and compassion, I noticed something that I […]

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Working Smart, Working Hard

The sad time has arrived for our summer interns to head back to the States. They have done such a wonderful job; God has used them in unbelievable ways! I pray that the Lord will give them glimpses of the true impact they’ve made here in China. I asked them last week (nervously) if the […]

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If you have a big blank space where a life-purpose should be, you should seriously consider getting involved in Chinese missions. Better yet, if you have a you-shaped blob where a life-purpose should be, you should consider getting involved. ‘Don’t I need to be called?’ Right. You need a special call from God to share […]

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Worth-a-while Short-Term Missions

The interns have been here for a week now, and they have done a fantastic job so far. They’ve been working like crazy – please pray they don’t break down before the end of the six weeks! Having them here has made me think more about the point of short-term mission trips. Not really sure […]

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Who Cares About Potential?

We’ve got four interns arriving today. They missed their domestic flight last night, so they’ve now been traveling for about 40 hours. I’m really excited about these guys and girls coming – there’s a lot of places where they can plug in and be used. I’ll tell you one thing that I’m not interested in […]

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