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After studying with the guys yesterday, we went over to their campus’ cafeteria to eat dinner. T. loaded up the table with a ton of food, way more than we could possibly eat (which is pretty much what they do here anytime they entertain guests). Also joining us was D., who came by the building in the afternoon to practice playing piano, as it seems she will be our new piano player.  

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned her before. She became a Christian when she came to our Christmas service. When she was little, her grandmother, who was a Christian, would read the Bible to her. Actually, she couldn’t read, so she’d just hold the Bible and recite what she remembered hearing her pastor say. Pretty amazing – those seeds didn’t really grow until D. got to college. Then her roommate (who was one of the first friends we made last summer) invited her to come to our Christmas services. Strangely enough, her grandmother passed away this winter break, not long after Christmas. Since coming back from the winter break, D. has been very faithful and when she found out we needed a new piano player, she volunteered for the job.  

My schedule doesn’t find me on the college campus very much, but I’m going to have to change that as the weather gets nicer. It’s worthwhile to speculate in your office about the struggles of a college student, but it only takes a few minutes on campus to find out what’s really going on. 20,000 students (this is our main campus that we touch), but there’s a bunch of super lonely people. If our members would start to reach out and care for some of these guys, they’d have more witnessing opportunities than they’d know what to do with.  

After eating, me and T. ran up to his dorm. He wanted to show me his place and hopefully introduce me to a few friends. His room was empty except for some dude from way out west. They’ve got eight people in a room, but it’s quite a bit bigger than American dorms. Guys dorm, so obviously it was a mess. Basketballs and basketball posters are the main focal points in the room. Then we went down to the next floor to see a friend of his in another room. This room was different. There were five or six guys in there, each with their own computer, battling it out together on some networked game. I don’t know how in the world that happens. There wasn’t a computer to be seen in T.’s dorm. Anyway, the two rooms illustrate about perfectly the two idols of the guys – basketball and video games. We’re really hoping to make a push for guys in a month or two, and these are some good ideas to focus on.

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