Trajectory Shift

What a weekend! Made some big changes over the past week that have been in the making for a couple months. Sunday was our first run…

1. We distributed invitations to our church services to 1000 homes in our community. It included an explanation of the Gospel, a flyer about our church, as well as a business card with an address, map, and phone number. Nervous much? Oh yeah.

2. We started Sunday School this past week. Had teachers’ training last week and started off with seven or so classes (if we could get people in those age groups to come, of course!). Old people, kiddos, couples, you name it, we’re huntin’ it.

3. We combined all the little services that we were doing last year and rented space from a small business near one of the houses we rent for church. It is wide open. People walking by on the sidewalk stopped and watched us through the windows. The neighbors can tell something is going on… step one complete. And we had some local visitors too!

And praise the Lord for his protection! I’ll be honest and say that it was one of the most nerve-racking weeks in our time here. But we had churches and friends praying for us all over the world and the Lord proved himself well able to protect. Not that we don’t understand that it could be different next week – but we’ll thank him for every week he gives us like this one.

To me the most exciting aspect of all this is the change of trajectory. Meaning, doing what we were doing before, it was hard to imagine (much as I hate to admit it) that our church would ever really get the Gospel spread through a significant part of our city. Now though… if we continue unimpeded, it seems like we’ll have the privilege of giving the Gospel to many thousands for the first time!

Big ‘if’ right? When has the Gospel EVER continued unimpeded?

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2 Comments on “Trajectory Shift”

  1. Li Dai May 26, 2011 at 7:23 am #

    God bless you! Though I don’t know who you are, I really appreciate what you are doing for our Chinese people, and our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord protect you and give you the strength to carry on to spread the good news. We Chinese people need that badly.

    I am planning to study the bible in the USA, after I get my Master’s(or maybe doctor’s) Degree I will probably go back to my homeland China and preach the Gospel to the ones who are still walking in darkness. May the Lord have mercy on us as well as Chinese people.

    • Vengador August 4, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

      Thanks so much for your comment! We are honored to be on this side of the work in China and we appreciate your prayers! Are you in China currently?

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