Sunday Services Without Interruption

“But the Word of God is not bound.”

Received a great report about Sunday’s services in China! The church held a Sunday morning worship service in the same house near the daycare that usually functions as Sunday school and office space. The police also came to this house while they were breaking up the main service at the daycare. But the coast was clear this week and a good crowd came, along with several first-time visitors! Space is going to be an issue, so please pray that this will be resolved quickly and without great impediment to the work.

Here’s some things that have happened that I’ve found out about this past week:

– the preachers were warned by the police that it wouldn’t go so easy on them next time; that is, if there was another offense

– the preachers told the police that they would continue to have services, though they didn’t say when or where; the police didn’t seem that upset about that, as long as it wasn’t as big of a crowd in as big of a place

– while two of the guys were being questioned over at the daycare, the police popped in and out of the other house (where they are currently meeting), where the third preacher was speaking in the childrens’ class; after the second interruption, he just kept right on going with his message

– the church had done its first ever Vacation Bible School the week before the police came; it’s possible, though we’re not really sure, that some people were upset and complained

– they told my American missionary co-worker that he needed to get approved to participate in religious activities in China; not surprisingly they have no clue how he should go about that; they wanted all the foreigners who had been present at the church service to have their passports taken into the police station

So that’s a little of what’s been going on this week – very stressful for those on the field there! Please keep them in your prayers!

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