Spared The Rod….

Slower pace this week, which no one’s complaining about. I was in church services nine nights out of ten, ending last week. Which is a lot of church for people living in a closed country! The Lord really blessed, though, in all those activities – we had many first time visitors, a couple professions of faith, a great baptism service, and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, after every “mountain-top-ish” experience, there seems to be a “hangover” period, where depression and disappointment seem inevitable.


Naturally, that many meetings affected our weekend services, where we had our lowest attendance yet this summer. Natural, but that didn’t stop me from having a bad attitude about it. Maybe it’s just me who’s like this, but it’s really amazing how fast I can start griping at God after He’s poured out His blessings! We all recognize “spoiled” children (unless you are one, of course) – and there’s all different levels of “spoiled” – but how do you even begin to classify Christians? Loved by an all-powerful Father who lavishes gifts upon us rather than the eternal punishment our rebellion against Him merits. That’s a whole new level of spoiled!


I told some of the guys from our church yesterday about this problem that I have. Somehow I get it in my mind sometimes that God owes us success – that He owes us His blessing. Since He dragged me all the way to the other side of the world, the least He could do is… Only occasionally does God give me the grace of open eyes to see the spoiled sinner that I am, daring to complain what He gives or withholds. Like with the “rich kids,” spoiled isn’t a measurement of how good the parents are, it’s a measure of how unthankful the children are. Paul charged mankind in Romans 1, “For when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful.” The implication being, of course, that simply knowledge of who God is should produce thankfulness. Regardless of what He gives or withholds. We’re not only to be thankful because of what our Father does – we’re to be thankful for who He is! It’s not that the spoiled children don’t love their parents, it’s that their motivation for doing so has mutated: they love their parents for what their parents can give to them. Sounds a lot like my relationship with God sometimes.


Simple thoughts, I guess, but it’s what the Lord’s been doing in my ear this week.

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