Baptism Report

Great baptism service on Sunday. That is to say, all the participants survived. Besides that, a lot of stuff went wrong. But a great number showed up and sixteen were baptized. More than I originally expected for the activity, but less than were actually planning on getting baptized. Some people had tests and couldn’t come, some people forgot to bring extra clothes, and some people just chickened out. Praise the Lord, the weather was fantastic – too fantastic, in fact – I am totally sunburned.


We were totally out in the middle of nowhere. Two hours by bus out to a tiny village by a mountain with a little river running down off of it. Pretty remote – we brought our own food so we didn’t destroy the ecosystem of this little village for decades to come (we brought about 80 people in total). A family of one of our church members that lives in that village helped us prepare all the food and we ate behind their house.


As for the baptism itself, turns out baptizing people in a river is harder than it sounds. The bottom of this river was majorly uneven. One wrong step and you’re over your head. Plus the current and everything. Hard to keep your balance. Pretty uneventful, though. We had a little service beforehand – prayer, some songs, and a short explanation of salvation, then of baptism.


But the busy week continues. Still a lot going on this week. Thanks for everyone’s prayers so far, and please keep them going for the rest of the week.

One Comment on “Baptism Report”

  1. baddogmooney July 15, 2008 at 11:15 pm #

    Awesome. I love watching baptisms.

    – mooney

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