Baptism On Account of Rain

We’re kind of in runaway-train mode right now. Lots of stuff going on this week and next, so we majorly appreciate your prayers. Baptism has been scheduled for tomorrow, though the forecast is calling for rain again (as one member pointed out, though, a rainstorm doesn’t seem like such a problem for a baptismal service – the worst that can happen is someone gets wet). Still some students with finals that won’t be able to come, so that’s disappointing, but Lord willing, this won’t be our last baptismal service.


Baptism is proving to be an interesting topic around here. Mainly because most of the students have never seen a baptism or anything like it in their whole lives. So there’s a little bit of nervousness. So, in addition to our pre-game explanation of what baptism means, we have to add a page explaining our procedure – what we’re gonna do to you. Of course, like most places, the first time the church encourages people to participate in an external procedure, there’s a very natural tendency for people to think, “Oh, finally, here it is – the way to become a real Christian.” But it’s been a welcome surprise that most of our students seem to “get it.” It helps that we regularly preach grace like fanatics; also we’ve had a couple “baptism explanation” sessions after services to help explain it to everyone.


Also a highlight of this week – my field director will be coming in from Taiwan for a visit, so we’ll be having some special mid-week services. We’re praying and planning for a good attendance and a bunch of first time visitors!

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