Saved, And Thy Dorm

There’s a lot to be excited about lately – we’ve had a great couple of weeks with around nine professions of faith. But sometimes when things are moving kinda fast, it’s easy to miss some of the things that God is doing without you. Isn’t it amazing how well God does without our help, our planning, or even our attention?


I’ve just been noticing the past couple weeks how well many of the students are doing at bringing their friends and roommates to church. I talked to a girl after service on Saturday night for about half an hour and answered a boatload of questions. Every kind of question you could imagine. Her grandma was a Buddhist and a wonderful woman, so she has problems with the exclusive claims of Christianity. She also wasn’t tracking on the differences between grace-based salvation and works-based self-justification. And on and on… Made good progress, though, gave her a Bible, and asked where she’s from. Turns out she’s a classmate of E., a girl that comes and serves faithfully. She’s also friends with M., a girl that comes not quite as faithfully, but who also invited her to come the first time.


Which got me looking around the room and thinking about who was there and who invited them and brought them. Amazingly, we’ve got a lot of “second-generation” people – or people we don’t know that were invited by someone that we do know.


A student asked to talk to me the other night after hermeneutics class. Asked how, if appointed to a leadership position in a campus organization, they could get students to come to church. That same student has brought several friends to church in the past month, one of whom has made a profession of faith in Christ himself!


Anyway, just a reminder for myself that Jesus is the real pastor of His church, and that He does things just fine in His time and in His way.

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