An Introduction – wo lai jie shao yi xia zi ji

God has let us see some amazing things these past few weeks. My wife and I have been living here in mainland China for a little while now, as we learn the Mandarin language to finalize our preparations for our life-work of declaring the Gospel to the people of China. Though our primary goal is language acquisition, we have also made a high priority of “testing the waters” of underground ministry in China. We are trying to make contact with every work done in the name of Christ in this city and find out what is and isn’t working here. What is and isn’t happening.

One of the most exciting things, though, that we’ve been able to be a part of so far, is to launch our own ministry here. Of course, our language ability (or disability, rather) has our hands tied as far as ministry opportunity goes, but the Lord has let us begin a weekly Bible study that targets advanced English students. There aren’t words to describe the excitement and joy that has come with seeing university students accept Christ and eagerly begin their walk of discipleship. More on that in days to come…

But pray for my wife and I as we study… as we work… and as we preach…

2 Comments on “An Introduction – wo lai jie shao yi xia zi ji”

  1. John Pearson July 7, 2007 at 6:35 am #

    Looking forward to the chronicles from China.


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