A Serving Of Vision

Finished our Gospel class last night. A bunch of students are back, but they apparently don’t really remember when we start. Last semester we had two services on Saturday, 5 and 7, so that might have something to do with it. People trickled in from 4:50-6:30! Good to see some old faces. This is our last weekend in the winter vacation bracket. Next week we’re going to start with our semester schedule. After St. preached for about 15 minutes, I taught for 45 minutes. That’s the good thing about college students – they’re pretty accustomed to long lectures! This week we talked about why we named our church Omega (Rev. 1:4-8) and some of the plans that we feel God has given us for this semester (Col. 1:27-29). I thought all those plans might bore them a little, but they really tuned in for the last twenty minutes when we talked about that.  My Chinese was off for a long time yesterday. Finally got it going, and it’s a good thing, because I had to have a serious you’ve-got-some-major-problems talk with someone. Those are always fun. Thankfully, it had about as good of an ending as those things can. It seems that sometimes a new church can attract some socially disconnected people. And when those people start interacting at church, the reason they’re socially disconnected hardly disappears. We can only pray that we handle the situation in the love of Christ, and actually help the person rather than disconnect them again. It’s hard, though, because it usually takes direct confrontation to make changes. Lots of fun… 

Besides that, I learned how to play mahjong last night. Which around here has about the same connotation as texas hold ’em. It’s a major betting game. And it’s finally above freezing here – after four months below!

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