Home Away From Home

Worship service last night. Best group we’ve had yet this year, and their arrival times were pretty much as varied as the night before. About a quarter of the people got there right after I got up to preach (about half an hour into the service). Our music went really well tonight, I thought. They’re all still very unfamiliar with the music, and I’m going to murder the piano player if he doesn’t turn up the volume on his piano thing. But the students really are enjoying the music, and T. is doing a great job of selecting songs.  We have a few students who have returned who were affected by the snowstorm down south. Several were completely out of electricity for a few days, one that I know of on the Spring Festival. Still plenty of students to get back in, but the semester starts this week, so I can’t imagine how much longer it will take them.  

Lots of conversations after the service, which was a nice change from the vacation. Lots of talking, lots of counseling. Something we need to work hard at this semester is letting the students feel like our church is their home away from home. Because they’re certainly away from home. And the looks on their faces when they’re come to our service after coming back from vacation says, “Hey! I’m back! Did you all miss me?” They want a reaction, to know that they were missed. Which is why a bunch of students come back on their own, and why we’ll have to hunt down the rest of them.  The ones that we’re closer to personally just find their way back. Others maybe never felt quite as at home here. That’s a big goal for this semester.

One Comment on “Home Away From Home”

  1. Kenneth Ralph March 4, 2008 at 8:37 am #

    Hey preacher, I just wanted to tell you how much I like reading your blog. It is a tremendous blessing for me to read and know that there is a Gospel witness in China. We praise the Lord for you.

    By the way my Family and I are missionaries to KENYA! Not near as exciting as CHINA but praise the Lord that is where he has called us and we are excited about going!

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