June 2013 – Project China Update

Recent News from the Project China Team

Please join us in prayer and praise for these recent developments within our team. If you would like to get in touch with one of the Project China missionaries concerning any of these updates, please contact us here.

june month report

Made a trip to China this past week during the time I normally write up these monthly reports. Even though it’s a week late, still wanted to share some of the things that have gone on this past month…

  • Jake made a trip back to China this month to encourage and teach the Chinese pastors in their city, as well as to see how the churches are doing in their absence. It was an amazing – though packed – trip, teaching the church leaders four or more hours a day.
  • The most exciting result of that trip was getting to meet a new generation of disciples from Pastor Xu, Pastor Jia, and Pastor Liu’s churches. Jake met eight young men who expressed a desire to be preachers of the Gospel. There are a couple others that he didn’t get a chance to meet. Pray for these young men, that they would grow in their knowledge of the Gospel and giftedness to serve the churches.
  • On his trip to China, Jake got to visit Mark‘s family and see the great things that are coming into place in their new church plant. God is bringing together a wonderful core of young believers who are falling in love with our Lord and his Word. Pray for them to be established in their faith.
  • John and his wife are currently back in the States to visit with John’s mother, who is battling cancer. The doctors have not given their family any hope for recovery. Please pray for their family in this time of suffering. John and his wife will return to China shortly to continue their language training.
  • Ben‘s family is still plugging away at the work of support raising. They are now at 23% of their support, and their schedule is filling up quickly! Pray for the Lord’s protection as they travel, and for them to find new partners in the great work they plan to do in China.

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