May 2013 – Project China Update

Recent News from the Project China Team

Please join us in prayer and praise for these recent developments within our team. If you would like to get in touch with one of the Project China missionaries concerning any of these updates, please contact us here.

may report

  • Pastor Xu, Pastor Jia, and Pastor Liu continue to lead their churches in the planting of a new congregation in the city, Witness Baptist Church. They are praying for God to provide a clear leader to take the helm of that church in a key area of the city.
  • Mark‘s family has continued to work hard at establishing Gospel Baptist Church. They were thrilled this month to see a lady who came to church for the first time with her daughter make a profession of faith! Pray that their services would continue to be greatly blessed!
  • John¬†and his wife are still plugging away at learning the Chinese language and making good progress. Pray that their summer would be a profitable time of language-learning and disciple-making.
  • Ben‘s family and Jake‘s family were able to participate in the Our Generation missionary camp the last week of May in Dayton, Tennessee. This camp brought together several youth groups as well as a great group of college students who are interested in missions. Dozens of young people committed their lives to bringing the Gospel to the world. Please be in prayer for each of them, that God would guide them and prepare them for this good work!
  • Jake‘s family is still waiting for their adoption paperwork to be done. They are investigating another route that might be faster. Jake will make a trip to China in June to encourage and help the pastors of the churches continue to shepherd the flocks they oversee.

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