April 2013 – Project China Update

Recent News from the Project China Team

Please join us in prayer and praise for these recent developments within our team. If you would like to get in touch with one of the Project China missionaries concerning any of these updates, please contact us here.


  • Pastor Xu’s church (Grace Baptist Church) was visited by a police officer this month. The officer had received one of their flyers on a Saturday and told them he might come by to check on them. He seemed mainly concerned that they might be a cult group; on Pastor Xu’s assurance that they held to historic Christianity, the police officer seemed satisfied and said he would just need to report to his superiors. Please pray for this church and their pastor as they continue to serve even when feeling fear!
  • Mark¬†and his family began services this month for a new church plant to be called Gospel Baptist Church. Already they have had a good number of visitors and some plans in motion for inviting the surrounding community to attend. Pray for this new church!
  • Almost 50 believers from Pastor Xu, Pastor Jia, and Pastor Liu’s churches in the city where Jake works have traveled down to Mark’s city to help make a promotional push for the new church plant. They will be there for most of this week, helping Mark and the believers there make many new contacts around the city! Please join them in praying for this exciting project!
  • John‘s family continues to work hard at acquiring the language. John is taking up more and more responsibilities in the ministry as his language proficiency grows. They are also helping alongside the team that has traveled to Mark’s city this week.
  • Ben‘s family has had another busy month of traveling all across the southeastern United States; they’ve been encouraged to partner with a few new supporters, which means they are already at 14% of their needed support after just a few months of deputation!
  • Jake‘s family has received both good news and bad news this month concerning their adoption. The bad news was that the process was going to take longer than they thought; the good news was that there might be a way for them to return to China before their adoption is finalized. Please pray that this will be a reality! In the meantime, Jake is planning a trip to China in June – contact him if you’d be interested in going along!

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