Failing My Posse

The crew is back together again! T. just returned from his tour of some of the most famous cities and sites in China. The tour was some special offer for students with his major – about a hundred of them all traveling together. Last night, the five us got together for our first meeting with all of us attending since we left for the States a couple months ago. We really had a good time – I really believe that this is a team that God has assembled for His purposes. There’s no part of this job more thrilling than to captain this little group of guys.


Unfortunately, I’m just about out of “captain” experience. Unlike other infinitely-cooler missionaries, I didn’t have to turn away a handful of sports scholarships to pursue ministry. Of the few sports teams I was privileged to make (“make the team” at a Christian high school is pretty much equivalent to “affirm that you have legs”), the captain positions were always filled by those whose qualifications were admittedly more impressive than mine.


So when it comes to these guys, I really want to be the leader for them that I should be. While I sure don’t know as yet what all it takes to lead them well, while I was in the States, I got some time to think of some ways that I’m probably failing them. Not saying these things will make us the perfect group or me the perfect leader – but I think they’re part of the bare minimum requirements of loving them. Here goes:


1. Not praying for them regularly and fervently.

2. Not challenging them to the next level.

3. Not leading them to truths with questions, instead of just giving them answers.

4. Not checking their devotional lives regularly.

5. Not giving them specific, understandable assignments.

6. Not letting them know how much they are loved.


Doubtless, there’s more to my failures than just these – but they’re the ones that I’m trying to tackle right now. Hope it makes you think, too, about those who are serving with and under you in ministry. It’s amazing how God gives us these kinds of relationships – may He give us eyes to see them as He does.

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