Sleight of Hand

Just a couple more steps and we will have ourselves an official, completely legal business here in China. We have a few main reasons for doing this. First of all, having a student visa is alright, but it costs plenty of money and time every year that I would just as soon put towards something that gives us complete freedom to structure our own schedules. This new business should be able to provide my wife and I with visas to continue living here in the country. Plus, I don’t know how keen our university would be if they found out the reason I skip class so much is that I’m planting a church in the city. Might think twice about giving us the next visa.


A second big reason is our building. From the outside looking in, it doesn’t make much sense that we have the building where the church meets. That’s been people’s biggest question (people that don’t know we’re a church) – why do you have a big house you don’t live in filled with all kinds of classroom-type equipment. Hard to explain. Now we just say the word “business,” and their doubts evaporate. Plus, the business name is the same as the church name – so now we can have a sign outside! A doubt-evaporator is always a good investment.


Besides all that, this business should help raise a little bit of money to cover the costs of the new building that we’ve rented. It is a major investment for us, and while the church is paying rent to the business for use of the building – there’s still a large amount left over that just comes out of our support. We’re going to try to start a business for teaching English to college students during the summer months – this will help us to further develop our contacts in the universities, make a little money, and keep us relatively unoccupied the rest of year.


So put “starting a business” on the list of things we had no intention of doing when we got to China.

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