Provoking Revolution

We’re about a week and a half into the summer internship, and I think they might try to revolt and murder me soon! They have kept fantastic attitudes, but they’re definitely getting tired. Since we got back from Beijing, they’ve been to church a couple times, a couple hours of language school every morning, a few English corners, and spent tons of hours with students, both church members and non-Christians.


They won’t really get a break until Monday, either. Tonight they’re having some party at the new church location – lots of students from the nearby university are planning on coming. Tomorrow night we start up the new location (Sam, one of the guy interns, will be preaching). Then Sunday, we’ve got our regular two services at the old place. Sam will preach the first service, and then I’ll do the second in Chinese. They’re really doing an awesome job, though, so I hope any mutiny plans can wait until the weekend is past!


Basically the guys and I are going to work together to preach through a five week series on the pre-Pentecost life of Peter. Primarily focusing on how God uses our mistakes as one of His primary methods of shaping us into the person He wants us to be. I started on Sunday, preaching on the call of Peter. This weekend on, one of the guys will preach twice in English, and I’ll preach once in Chinese. Pray it goes well!

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