The Blog Paradox

Busy week – never really got around to sitting down and writing about it. The true curse of blogging – if you’ve got things really worth writing about, you’re probably way too busy to write them. That’s been this past week for us. We’re leaving for Beijing this morning, though – so I thought I’d try to write a quick update.


We’re going to Beijing to meet up with five more American students who are coming to work with us for six weeks this summer (one more student has already been here with us for several weeks). We’re going to spend a few days in Beijing planning out their six weeks, going over the guidelines and goals for their time here, etc. Then we’ll head back this way, and hopefully run at full speed until they leave! From everything I can tell, we’ve got a great bunch of students coming this summer, and I’m really excited about working with them.


Yesterday we canceled our typical Monday-day-off and put in some hours doing some final preparations to the new house. Chairs were delivered yesterday, and the final lighting fixtures were installed, so we are just about ready to go. There will be five girls living in the house when we return from Beijing, so although we won’t be starting services there for at least another week, we needed to have it pretty much taken care of before we left. The transformation that has taken place at the house has been pretty amazing – there was a lot of doubt on our part when we got the place if it would ever look something like a church building – so we’re all pretty thankful.


Plenty more to write about – will try to do so from Beijing. Thanks for your prayers.

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