Guy named Luke came to church last night with a friend that’s been coming for a long time. This girl’s been bringing a bunch of friends lately, so that’s pretty exciting in and of itself. Luke’s a real nice guy, and he listened in real intently. Actually our second service attendance was majorly down – so I was able to make the message a little more specific than generic. We were back in Philippians 3 this week, Paul talking about his intense pursuit of a deeper knowledge of Christ. Though he’s not complete, he’s pursuing Christ.


After the service, T. and S. both have groups of students that they meet with for accountability on Bible reading and prayer, etc. Luke decided to join up with S.’s group – and they were in that room for a looong time. Not sure how long, but it was more than an hour – long enough to make me nervous. They all seemed pretty excited when they came out – S. told me Luke trusted Christ! I guess we can put it down as a great night even though our attendance was a little down.


Next week I get to take a break and listen to T. and S. preach. I’d like to try to get ahead a little this week – I’m afraid my Chinese studies of late have suffered as I’ve had a lot of church-stuff going on.

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