Godly Obstruction

Sunday morning here. Another hectic week. Pretty maddening, actually. Really tested my limits as a sane person. Ever had one of those days with a lot on your plate to accomplish, and though you tried as hard as you could, you couldn’t put a single thing in the “done” pile? Ever had three of those days in a row? Yeah, pretty much like that. If I heard “no way” in Chinese one more time, I was gonna lose my mind.


Of course, physical crises have a way of producing spiritual crises – times where nothing’s going right push us back into reliance on Him, which is where we should have been from the beginning. I become more and more aware of my “self-starting” or “independence” or whatever you want to call it. Sometimes I’ve got it set in my mind how it should work out, with barely a nod to prayer – and I’m so frustrated when God has the nerve to alter my plans. Seems it’s not enough just to do something “for” Him – He wants it done “through” Him as well.


We’re still working on a new meeting place. We’re stuck between two places right now, one that’s big, one that’s smaller, both have nothing (paint, floors, hot water, etc.). We obviously like the bigger one, but it’s overpriced, and the agent person has no interest in helping us get a lower price. After 15 minutes or so of reasoning with him, T. managed to convince him to call the home owner to just give him our offer. Like pulling teeth… We’re coming up on crunch time, though, so we’re praying this will be the week we knock this out.


A new girl came to Friday night’s Hermeneutics class. She’d never been to anything – church service, Bible study, anything. Jumped right into Hermeneutics. Yikes. She took notes and stuff, but I can’t imagine what in the world she was thinking! Afterwards she talked to some of the girls, who explained the Gospel with her, and she made a profession of faith! Pretty exciting – she told us that her whole family was Buddhist, and she promised to come to the girls Bible study the next day. Skip to “the next day”: she gives the girls a letter explaining why she can’t be a Christian. Apparently, her parents were pretty livid that she had decided to be a Christian. So, please pray for her…

One Comment on “Godly Obstruction”

  1. John June 1, 2008 at 6:56 am #

    Crunch time is exciting in the rear view mirror. I hate viewing it through the windshield. Praying for you guys.

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