Extension Granted

We’ve secured another six months of visa – went to the university this morning and negotiated our deal for the next semester. I always get sent to the principal’s office before we work anything out. It’s a pretty good arrangement: we pay a bunch of money, we take part in one class and get a visa. This semester we’re going back two grade levels to start writing characters. Which the teachers think is hilarious. But the fact that I can have a conversation with them about it being hilarious is my reason for not listening to them.  Had a great meeting with S. and Th. today about the direction of our church and the goals that we want to work towards this semester. It was tons of fun. That’s about the first time that they brought some ideas and some opinions to the table. Usually their reaction is, “Ummm… why are you asking us? You’re the pastor.” But I told them about a week ago to be thinking about this question, and I got them together yesterday afternoon to talk about it. It was really almost like we were a church staff meeting together to make plans. Anyway, we’re continuing our discussion today, hoping to lay down some concrete goals for the semester, which starts in a week give or take.  My wife had lunch with one of the girls yesterday who came more during the break than she did last semester. She’s an extremely smart, accomplished student, and though she’s been reading the Bible for herself for quite a while, church just has never found its way onto her priority list. But this winter break, apparently because she didn’t have any other commitments, she started to come pretty much every week. Yesterday she expressed an interest to my wife in serving in the church this semester and a desire to be used by the Lord.  

There is one question that is growing incredibly frequent, from Christians and unbelievers alike. They want to know how to make decisions about their future. I still haven’t taught them that they’re supposed to say “the will of God for their life.” As a church focusing on college students, this is going to have to be a huge foundational stone for us. They can’t figure out what major to pursue, what to do after they graduate, who they should marry, how they should serve God, etc. Pray that God will give us some wisdom as we teach them.

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