Less Than Bubonic

Less Than Bubonic No blogging for a few days – doctor’s orders. Not really – but I have been sick since Christmas – so Merry Christmas a couple days late. I still feel terrible – fever and all that. It’s really strange – I know it must seem like I get sick a lot to listen to me whine – but I’ve been sick more in the past couple months than I ever have. So I’ve used the past couple days to exhaust my listening skills – a much needed exercise, anyway. So not completely wasted time. 

My wife was invited to participate in a Christmas program at one of the local universities. I was supposed to give a talk about Christmas, but I tapped out on account of the plague. So she went and sang “Amazing Grace” to a good crowd of university students. A lot of familiar faces were there, so hopefully it gave some of them an opportunity to spread the word to their friends. 

We’ve finished the semester at the university. The teacher exempted my wife and I from taking the final, since it’s all in characters – and we’re fresh out of those. I think I would have gotten my name right. Sounds more like a reading test to me than a speaking test. My teacher doesn’t agree. But I’m pretty much the only one in the class who can express my disagreement, so she’s not too upset. Due to our start-a-business setbacks, we’ll probably register for another semester – maybe for one of those writing classes. 

Anyway, there’s other things to write about, but I just used up all my “health-for-activity” points.

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