Rotting Teeth for the Kingdom

The second girls Bible study and a couple girls from the first spent about seven hours at the Bible study house today. After their weekly Bible study, my wife taught them how to crochet, and they spent the next six hours making scarves. This is part of some big Christmas project they’re working on for an orphanage here in town. They’re a bit overwhelmed, though. My secretary called the orphanage to make sure it would be alright to come by some time and give the hats and scarves, etc. After getting their approval, she asked how many kids they had. Just a few hundred. Those girls are going to be suffering from carpal tunnel by the time they finish. But it’s giving them an excuse to spend time together and something to talk to their friends about. Not to mention that whole caring for the fatherless thing. I heard somewhere that that was a good idea. 

Me and three guys started our Bible institute tonight in miniature, with a two hour Old Testament Survey class. A class that I used to think was fairly dull, until I realized that Jesus used the whole Old Testament to teach the disciples about Himself. I don’t know about other Bible students, but I find myself so prone to forget that the Bible is about Jesus from cover to cover, and we have to teach it as such. So we had fun tearing apart Genesis in a dozen different ways and looking at the pictures, promises, and works of Jesus in the stories.  

After the two hours were up, we went to questions for another forty minutes or so. T., always the inquisitive charismatic, wanted to know about miracles and prayer and healing and faith and if I ever lacked it. I had to be honest (“there was this one time… when was it… oh yeah, five minutes ago!”). Anyway, they were probably bored out of Jonah’s shade but I was having a great time. We’ve got to cover about forty chapters a week if we’re going to finish in the timeframe we’ve set up. I’m hoping one of these guys will be ready to teach this class next semester, when we try to push this institute to a more large-scale endeavor.  

My throat is holding up alright – it never really felt better from last week. But it hasn’t got any worse, so praise the Lord. I’ve probably tripled my daily sugar intake by popping cough drops. Which is hard to do for a Red Bull junkie. But though my throat isn’t worse, my voice is – it did some funky warbles a couple times when I was teaching tonight. Let’s pray we make it through the weekend!  

Today was an amazing day for me because it really felt like we were part of a church here. We had Bible studies going on, special projects, time for fellowship, meals together, etc. It was pretty neat. All with some students who really are friends, brothers, and sisters. There was a girl there tonight who came to our Bible study probably a month ago for the first time. She has since accepted Christ, joined the girls Bible study, attends both Saturday services, and came tonight to help the girls. She also brought a book for learning to play the guitar, as she told my wife, “so someday I can be good enough to play for our church.” 

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