Day-old and Year-old Praise

E., a girl that has been coming to our Bible study recently, was invited by D., one of our leaders to come to the Bible study house sometime and talk about some questions she’s had about the Bible. This girl usually approaches me with a couple Bible questions each week. Well, some of their wires got crossed or something, and she ended up coming to our leaders meeting instead. She stayed afterwards and talked to my wife and D. and decided to trust Jesus Christ as her Savior! Praise the Lord! This was really great for D., a chance to experience one of the greatest joys reserved for God’s people in this day: that of leading a person to conversion. She’s been trying to get some friends and roommates to come to the study for a while, so this is a great satisfaction at, hopefully not the end, but the beginning of such efforts.  

At the leaders meeting, we talked about discipleship. Impossible to boil down into an hour and a half, but we talked about the command to be a disciple, the life of a disciple, the priority of a disciple, the identity of a disciple, the sign of a disciple, and the fruit of a disciple. It seems that, like most fairly-new Christians, the leaders are starting to wonder what the next step is supposed to be. How involved of a life is this whole following Jesus thing? What’s expected of them? Some of them are ready for the next step, but we haven’t done a good enough job of keeping a step ahead of them. 

Today’s a great day for my wife and me – I asked her to marry me a year ago today. Hard to believe it’s been that long already. I really can’t even imagine being here without her help and encouragement. God’s plans are certainly superior to our own. I’m thankful that His plan for me included such a wonderful wife. And we can’t even get on our own blog, so you know I ain’t just saying it! 

And it snowed this weekend, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon – way too cold to melt. I took my cat outside to experience snow for the first time. I’ve never had a cat before (Chinese or American), but I know that dogs often like to play in the snow, so I just thought… Well, I don’t know anything about cats. I set the cat down in the snow, and it just looked up at me like, “What are you doing to me, you abusive psycho? Take me back inside!” Then it proceeded to claw its way up my leg. All my Lassie-like delusions quickly melted, and I mumbled a sheepish apology to the cat. How embarrassing.

One Comment on “Day-old and Year-old Praise”

  1. Jon King November 19, 2007 at 11:59 pm #

    throw the cat away. they are good for nothing. man i cant believe its been a year already! so i just started reading your blog….not too shabby i guess:) so yeah i dont know whats going on other than what i’ve read(not much) so how is the lingo coming? bet no one has ever asked that one before! i’ma call ya soon. peace

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