O for a Thousand Tongues (Or One Really Hard One)

We had our Bible study again last night. And when I finished teaching, it was one challenging conversation after another. First, it was someone who wants to believe in God and in evolution. Then it’s someone who wants to read the Bible in English because the Chinese is too hard. Then I have (to try) to explain why God ordered genocide in the Old Testament. Then someone wanted to know the difference between the different titles for God. Then about Hitler’s professing Christianity. One thing after another. And these things not from contentious people, but most from people who have already made professions of faith.

Particularly difficult with the language barrier. We’re at this awkward stage right now where they can understand me a little better in Chinese, and I understand them a little better in English. So I did all those about conversation about half-and-half. Wore me out! But though it’s not very encouraging, it is interesting to take note of people’s hang-ups and questions. These are questions that we’ll probably have to answer our whole lives, so we best have solid biblical answers now. It’s exciting to see people accept Christ, but sometimes on nights like last night, you get to look down the long, narrow road of discipleship and see how far you still need to go. When I get frustrated, I try to imagine these new believers trekking down the path to maturity in Christ, and that picture always excites me.

Please pray for our language ability. It is the next big step for the growth of OTHERS!

One Comment on “O for a Thousand Tongues (Or One Really Hard One)”

  1. D.. August 10, 2007 at 10:28 am #

    Reading Psalms, Ch. 8. In vs. 2, thankfully God has revealed himself in simple terms so that even children can understand.

    We’re praying for you both every day.

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