Just a Figment of Your Reality

Fr. showed up early to our study on Thursday. It was his second time attending, and he listened intently throughout the message on Jesus’ healing of the blind man in John 9. The central theme of the message: One of the best evidences that Jesus truly is the Son of God is the change He makes in others. The blind man was born incomplete; Jesus completed him. The Pharisees said, “We don’t know where Jesus came from.” The blind man replies, “Really? That’s amazing! He healed me, but you don’t know where He’s from? How could He do that if He wasn’t the Son of God?” Not surprisingly, the Pharisees didn’t take well to that logic.

In a culture divided between agnostics and atheists, this message is still fairly controversial. Everyone’s question? “How can I KNOW that Jesus is who He said He was?” One of the best answers to that question is seen in the people that Jesus has healed, the people that He has completed. The evidence of changed lives is always more powerful than book logic, no matter how loftily logical someone claims to be.

After the study, I was talking to Sn. again. He’s really enjoying our study, and he’s trying to add a practical side to his faith. Mix some James with his Romans. He brought a couple of friends, and he was ready to help me talk to them about Christianity. Fr. drew up a chair to our conversation and began to listen in with a puzzled look on his face. Soon he tapped Sn. on the shoulder and asked him in Chinese, “Is this really REAL, or is it just imagination?” Sn. assured him it was, so Fr. asked me how he could KNOW for sure. I reiterated the message of the evening by asking Sn. to tell us how he had become a Christian. It’s such a thrill to be serving the really REAL God of Heaven. Pray for Fr. He’s very interested in studying the Bible, but he’s reaching the real crisis point….

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