Communist Christians

I’ve had a terrifically awful time trying to get my blog to work here. Internet speed is pretty bad. But, what do you expect from an internet cafe? There’s probably two hundred computers in here – pretty crazy sight.

So, we’ve been in this city for a couple of days now. Met with a missionary last night. He says they’re experiencing some hard times right now. Reportedly, more than a hundred foreign missionaries have been deported, including many Americans. Some people think that it is further preparations for the Olympic games. Hard to know for sure. The government doesn’t exactly issue detailed statements about that kind of thing.

I’ll try to share briefly some of the great things that have happened in the past couple of days. Our Thursday night Bible study went really well, praise the Lord! We had a great number of guys there – thanks to those of you who have been praying for some male spiritual leaders in China. One of the most exciting things about Thursday, though, was the involvement of some of the new believers in witnessing and teaching about Jesus Christ. Several of them brought friends and were eager for them to have an opportunity to hear the Message.

Including M., our beloved Communist comrade. He brought his fellow party-member friend, Js. One of our workers started M. out translating to some of the other students who didn’t understand that much English, but then they encouraged him to share his testimony, which he happily did. He was pretty passionate in his plea to his friends. His friend, Js., seemed distraught and protested, “But we are supposed to trust in the Party and serve the Party. They tell us not to believe this!”

M. told him, “The Party can’t help you. Only Jesus can help you.”

Js. made a profession of faith that night. M. pulled a Barnabus and introduced him to everyone else as a new Christian. Pray for them both! More to come…

One Comment on “Communist Christians”

  1. Ben July 29, 2007 at 5:41 am #

    Changing the country one communist party member at a time! Glory to God.

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