Pre-flight Update

Well, we are leaving home in just half an hour. But I wanted to give a quick update about our Bible study last night. We had a great number again, which is surprising as the semester has ended and many students are leaving for their hometowns. That effect may settle in next week – we’ll have to see. But more than half of the Chinese students were guys! That was really exciting. It was the male-est audience I’ve seen here in China! It was really exciting. I still haven’t heard from all our workers, but I know that there was one guy, Jn. who made a profession of faith last night. M., the party-member-turned-Christian brought Jn. up to me so that he could tell me about his decision to follow Christ! A great time. Probably because I didn’t speak! Ma., an American student who has spent his summer here, spoke last night and did an awesome job telling about the miracle of our Lord walking on the water. More later… pray for our travels!

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