Fanning the Flames

I was in bed last night studying Chinese when I got an awesome phone call from one of our workers! S. is a student that we’ve all been praying for for a couple of weeks. He has been reading the Bible regularly, but he has had some serious questions that have made it difficult for him to accept the truth. It has really been a challenge for this worker as she has guided S. through these questions and kept him focused on the most important issue – the condition of his soul. During a meeting yesterday, I challenged all of our workers to really get involved on the prayer front for S. We need more men at the heart of this ministry, and S. has been so close to making a commitment to Christ.

Last night they met after English corner to discuss what he had read in the book of John. The conversation steered once again, as it always should when we deal with lost people, to the matter of salvation. This meeting was a little different, though. S. seemed to express a new openness to the Word. The worker explained salvation to him twice, as she said, “because I really wanted to be sure he understood what we were talking about.” He repeated it back to her, and asked, “Can you tell me one more time?” So she told him again. And then he said… “I think I need to pray.” And after he did, they went over the whole thing again!

Praise the Lord for His salvation! It is such a privilege to witness these new births! Join with us in prayer that S. would become a true soldier of Christ and carry the Gospel to the world. Pray that the zeal that often comes with becoming a new man would be directed into the evangelization of many of S.’s friends and family.

Last night, while A. and I discussed the first three chapters of Acts, we talked about our responsibility to reach the world with the Gospel. He was ready to talk about this – he has been witnessing to his friends, and, though he’s been stumped pretty easily, he’s not discouraged yet. We looked in the Word for some answers to arm him, then prayed together for the salvatiion of his friends. I also asked A. if he’d be willing to give his testimony at the Bible study on Thursday. He sounds excited about it. Pray that his story of meeting Jesus would convict the hearts of some of the young men that attend every week.

One Comment on “Fanning the Flames”

  1. Tyler Masters July 18, 2007 at 5:58 pm #

    That’s awesome to hear!

    We’re excited for you guys and for what God is doing through you there in China.

    You are in our prayers.

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