Christian Leaders Meeting

Last night, we had our first Christian Leaders Meeting here in our home. The goal of this meeting is to ground new converts with formal teaching and practical training in introducing their friends to Jesus. We have seen several students accept Christ now, and several others besides them are reading their Bibles everyday. We really want to see these students step up to the plate and start witnessing to their friends while their zeal is hot. In addition, we want to make sure they understand the Gospel and that they have truly made a decision to make Jesus their Savior and Lord.

I told our few attenders that I want this meeting to stay extremely personal and exclusive, reserved only for those Christians who have a daily walk in the Word. For those who want to answer the call to discipleship. We looked up a heap of verses, and really dove into God’s love, man’s sinfulness, Jesus’ provision, and our obligation to accept His free gift. The students really responded positively, listening intently and taking notes. Please pray for these young believers. God has bigger plans for them than they could possibly imagine.

At my ordination, my pastor preached about the conversion of Paul in Acts 9. His challenge was to seek out chosen vessels in spite of danger. Ananias was afraid to go to Saul because of his reputation for persecution. Even if Paul truly had become a Christian, which people doubted for a long time, the men he was traveling with certainly weren’t any friendlier to Christians. But Paul was a Name-carrying vessel. So Ananias despised the danger, risked his life and went to Paul. He called him “brother,” put his hands upon him, and baptized him. That’s all Paul needed…

By verse 20, he’s preaching Christ in the synagogues! What a dream! To find a chosen vessel that could proclaim the name of Christ to the Chinese! Pray with us that God would give us some chosen vessels and give us the courage to ignore the danger and go to them!

One Comment on “Christian Leaders Meeting”

  1. Ben July 16, 2007 at 3:05 pm #

    That’s a great thought. Finding a chosen vessel to go out. Maybe the communist party member in the future? I’m praying for you all.

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