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Increasing Your Church’s Missions Giving

I’ve had the great privilege over the past decade to visit many churches in the United States to talk about missions. One of the things that I’ve noticed in these travels is that there are some churches whose missions giving is out of all proportion to their size. That is, if you were to break […]

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Missions: Westerners Need Not Apply? (Part 2)

The last post started to discuss the idea that national believers are the most qualified to serve as missionaries (meaning, the most qualified to be exported to another place with the Gospel). Let me say again that there is certainly a core of truth here: already speaking a language and fitting into a culture are […]

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Bible Smuggling in China

I recommend you go read a few short posts my teammate has written about smuggling Bibles in China. They are a worthy read, as he talks frankly about some of the overlooked aspects of this issue. POST 1    POST 2    POST 3 And, for your consideration, here’s some of the stuff that’s been […]

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