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Intro to Missions Course – Part 3

This is the audio from an introductory course on missions that a missionary friend and I taught at our home church. In the third lesson, we talk about what are the proper motivations for involvement in missions. There are some clearly defective motivations that nevertheless seem to propel some Christians. There are, however, multiple ostensibly good motivations […]

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Ecclesioporosis, Part 2

Again, what I mean by this is the lack of confidence in the church so prevalent among recent generations of Christian workers. There was a good amount of feedback to the last post, but interestingly, no one seems to have too much doubt about the basic premise: many Christian young people don’t dare place the […]

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There’s a certain way to market the Great Commission that strikes a chord with bored twenty-somethings who are tired of college classes or are not looking forward to entering the rat race. And it goes something like… ‘Wouldn’t you like to do something meaningful with your life? Don’t waste your life in a cubicle when […]

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