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New Bible Study Update

This has been an exciting weekend for our church. Yesterday we held our first Bible study in the far northern district of the city. There’s a university nearby, and we’ve spent the past few weeks running up there whenever we had a chance. But yesterday was our first real service. I think there were 21 […]

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Holiday Consolidation

The Chinese New Year Festival is underway. It’ll go on for a couple weeks. A lot of businesses will be closed the whole time. Quite a grocery shopping frenzy leading up to the day before the festival. But most of the big stores are open, as we enter the time of year where a billion […]

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My Personal Halloween

Probably one of my least favorite things about being a missionary is wrestling with fear. Not that missionaries have a corner on fear – I imagine there’s no escaping this battle no matter who you are. Whenever you have a sense of God’s direction, there is always going to be an accompanying sense of fear. […]

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The Good Ship Disciple

Last night was encouraging – though this season bears plenty of discouragement. Everyone is heading home for the holiday. School is out, and most of our friends are already gone. It can get pretty lonely – we’re really blessed with a good number of close friends here – not particularly fun to have them all […]

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Going Nowhere, Already Arrived

Got a text message from a guy a couple days ago which ended with, “I feel lost in my life.” How’s that for a commentary on Christ-less existence? The truth is, even in the middle of the most intense period of learning of their lives, students still find themselves without an all-inclusive perspective that makes […]

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Exploring His Love

Well, the semester is almost over – students are busy with exams and preparing to return home. Definitely influenced our attendance this weekend – a lot of our students have the same exams. We’re going to change our service format for the break, so it doesn’t feel like such a downer to have such a […]

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Red-Headed Step-Holiday

Is there any holiday that calls our attention to the progress (or lack of it) made in life more than New Year’s? Probably because New Year’s has no other purpose other than to remind you that time is still moving in the same direction it always has – the holiday is just a marker. Other […]

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Our Christmas Service

The balance of the past week was put primarily into prep for the Christmas service. Thanks to all of you who helped in prayer for this activity. We were blessed with a really tremendous evening. Our high attendance for a single service – probably high for a weekend, too – somewhere around 100 showed up. […]

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Christmas Invasion

Although we’re going to have a Christmas celebration next week at church, we started our Christmas series a week early – I wanted to call it “invasion,” but the guys all tell me that the Chinese word for “invasion” can’t really have any positive connotation. It was hard to convince me (I really wanted that […]

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Shortcut to Communication

In addition to the more obvious necessities of learning a language and observance of common customs, closing the gap in cultures requires assessing some other significant differences that usually lie in the background. Even after you’ve learned to communicate verbally with people, differences in our history, literature, art, and folklore ensure that confusion will continue. […]

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