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Chinese Church Issues: Women as Pastors

One of the statistics on my Chinese religious demographics wish-list (have to make that another post someday) is the gender ratio among pastors in China. I would be surprised if the proportion of women pastors isn’t one of the highest of any country in the world. Chinese churches, both underground and government-sponsored alike, by and […]

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Chinese Church Issues: Rare

Blood is no stranger to Chinese cuisine. In our city there’s a pudding made out of deer blood that enjoys something near delicacy status. But, thanks to a certain interpretation of Acts 15, a large number of Chinese Christians conscientiously abstain from all dishes containing blood. I’ll leave a detailed examination of the council at Jerusalem […]

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Chinese Church Issues: Sub-cultural

“All churches in China…” I didn’t used to hear those words. Because we didn’t really have church people in our church. Often in a brand new church, you’ve just got new believers and unbelievers. Lots of people that have never even been to another church before. But believers like Bible teaching, worship, and fellowship – […]

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Religion in China

A friend forwarded me a fantastic article this morning by David Briggs. There are two extreme (and incorrect) common views of Christianity in China. 1. Everyone in China is an atheist. 2. A large percentage of people in China are Christians. Both of these ideas (for different reasons) are hindrances to missions in China. But […]

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Pre-Great-Commission Efforts

Monday I made a day-long trip with some of the guys to the next major city to the south. Apart from a bunch of trips to Beijing, I’ve never really traveled much within the country, so it was a great learning opportunity. We broke into a couple teams early in the afternoon and ran all […]

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Profitable Participation In Organizations

Saturday, after our last church service, I rushed out to the nearest university to an assembly of about 500 freshmen. I spoke to them for about 20 minutes about college life, learning English, and participation in an organization. This is an amazing tool that God has blessed us with in our city – great relationships […]

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Not Destined For Popularity…

Okay… here it is. The last thing I’m going to say about teaching English in China. I keep telling myself so, anyway. Here’s the reasons why I am against teaching English in China in 90+% of situations. So if you’re thinking about going, have already gone, or know someone who’s going… here are the reasons, […]

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Church-Planting: Scary But Necessary

One of the most consistent differences between missionary endeavors that operate out of fear and those that operate in boldness is their emphasis on church-planting. A couple examples should sufficiently illustrate. First, when we arrived here in China, I ate lunch with a guy who’d been here for several years teaching English. In the course […]

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Of Point Guards and Church-Planters

Are foreigners needed in church-planting roles in mainland China? Big implications for that question. Most foreign full-time Christian workers here are banking on a negative answer. Start a coffee-shop for evangelism, have a training conference for pastors, or build an English school for discipleship – these are the basic building blocks of most plans to […]

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Organizational Baggage

So there’s a foreigner that’s come to our services for the past couple of weeks. It’s been great to have him around – he’s had some mission trip experience with a great organization and is extremely willing to jump right in and serve. When he came the first week, though, he was a little confused. […]

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