July 2013 – Project China Update

Recent News from the Project China Team

Please join us in prayer and praise for these recent developments within our team. If you would like to get in touch with one of the Project China missionaries concerning any of these updates, please contact us here.


  • Jake‘s family is still on furlough in the United States; they have had a great month of traveling and visiting some of the churches who have faithfully supported them for six years in China.
  • The Chinese pastors in the city Jake’s family works had an internship this month for young men from the four churches who have a desire to serve. They are busy all day every day with Bible study and church ministry. Pray for them, as many of them are at the point of decision making about how they will invest their lives for God’s kingdom.
  • One of the Chinese pastors, Pastor Liu (Omega Baptist Church), had a wonderful opportunity this month to preach for several days at a youth rally in another city in their province. Though it was a government church that extended the invitation, Pastor Liu took several people from the churches in his city and really had the run of the place! There were several students at the rally who made professions of faith during the week, and eight were baptized. Two high school students from that city returned to Pastor Liu’s city with him to participate in the last couple weeks of the internship mentioned above!
  • Mark‘s family had an exciting month at their new church plant, Gospel Baptist Church. They had a church activity on the coast in front of hundreds of people – one lady who was a recent believer was baptized in the ocean! Keep Gospel Baptist in prayer this month as they continue to push forward the Gospel message in their community!
  • John¬†and his wife have returned to China even though John’s mom is still in declining health. They returned to China in time to go with Pastor Liu to the youth rally. John preached twice and was able to detect some improvement in his Chinese. John and his wife are now returning to their full-time language learning schedule.
  • Ben‘s family has been all over the southeastern United States this month! Their support is steadily growing. They are also promoting a trip to China that will take place next summer – visit their blog for more info!

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