Providential Real Estate

We’ve had some visitors with us this week, so my blog has been a little short of up-to-date. Spent the better part of the week with the guys traipsing the streets looking for any available rental space. This is our first time renting any kind of commercial space, so we did our best to get a feel of prices and locations. At the end, we were pretty much of agreement that there was no better deal than the shopping center that will give us “two years for the price of one” on the remote third floor. Went yesterday to pay for the first year. Going back today to get the keys and the paperwork.


Thanks to everyone who helped us in praying this past week. Got to Friday and we still didn’t really have anything that we considered a suitable option. Last day though, we really saw the Lord’s provision, and we ended up with several viable locations by Friday afternoon!


The biggest difficulty with this place was that we had to make a two-year commitment – and it’s kind of tough to decide. You don’t really want something too big right now, but you don’t want to be in something too small for two years, either. In the end, we got a place that should be able to hold about twice as much as the place we’ve got now. Which, since we’re running two services right now, that shouldn’t feel inanely big when we first move in.


So the to-do list for our last week here includes: getting some walls built in the new building, buy and install some kind of flooring, tint the windows, getting some movers to move everything from one house to another. Goal is to have our (my wife and my) last service in China in the new building next Sunday. I’d prefer if the guys didn’t have a lot of things besides their messages to focus on when we’re out.


That’s going to be the biggest thing going on this week, even though we’re busy with the house – still got a lot of things to review with the guys about their coming leadership test. I feel like everything’s going to go well, but there’s still some things that we have to go over. More on all that later…

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