Overstayed Our Welcome

Got one of those phone calls today. The ones that cost you lots of time, money, and stress. Home owner of our first place calling to remind us that next month our one year rent is due… oh yeah, and they want to raise the price by fifty percent. Which is pretty much a nice way of saying ‘get out.’ Extremely unreasonable price, but at the same time it comes as something of an answer to prayer.


With all the complaints and the police checking, we’ve been prayerfully considering moving to a new location. Plus, we are on the eve (once again!) of starting a business here in the city. Which requires the agreement of the owner of the house you’re renting. Who disagreed (not surprisingly). So now that we’re suddenly on the market for a new house, we can make sure that it’s a place that allows for this. Seems like this couldn’t really come at a worse time, with our six-week return to the states only a month away. But we trust the Lord knows better.


So hopefully, the new timeline will include looking for a new place for three weeks and moving in during our last few days here. We don’t want to move too soon, because everyone’s gone right now – we want them to know how to find us when they return. This is a major prayer request, as there is big potential for a step backwards.


S. and I spent several hours yesterday going to several government administrations to find out how far we are from having a real business. Lot of encouraging news – different from what we were hearing six months ago. That’s a big praise, and we’ll post some updates as this situation develops.

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