The Path That Lies Beneath Us

Another weekend wrapped up. I’m trying to learn to see every week as an important opportunity for growth and progress. Sounds obvious enough, but not as familiar as the opposite sounds: week after week unconsciously slipping by, with services and programs become more and more ritualized. Tough question for me to answer: Is my weekly work pushing forward the progress of the kingdom? Or am I just occupying a post? Though I have a tendency to put my heart and thoughts far into the future, biblical planning puts a heavy emphasis on what you’re doing now, and far less on where you’re going to be tomorrow: “for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”


Just something I’m trying to fix – being all in the present. For example, right now we’re in an ebb as about two-thirds of our people are back home. Easy for me to dwell on what’s going to happen when we’re “back to normal.” In the meantime, I tend to miss the God-given chance to spend lots of time with the folks that are still here.


Humbling start to the weekend. I don’t think I’ve done as bad in the language for about three months. Really struggled on Saturday night. Had some counseling afterwards, too – and I just couldn’t spit anything out. Those kind of wipeouts are good, though, in retrospect – reminds me who really ought to be driving. Pretty heartbreaking though when it’s going down. It was the eleventh and last message of the Philippians series, talking about the connection between contentment and joy. Praise the Lord, I think He spoke to a couple hearts in spite of my weakness.


Sometimes I’d like to skip all this learning and more right on to knowing. Any tips for that, anyone?

One Comment on “The Path That Lies Beneath Us”

  1. A August 13, 2008 at 3:06 pm #


    I just unsubscribed from your e-mail list. I have really enjoyed reading this blog, but I will leave for China soon and for security’s sake, I think it is better if I no longer receive your posts in my inbox. Just wanted to let you know why I am unsubscribed, even though you don’t even really know who I am :). Thanks for what I have learned from your writings. I hope you and your wife will be able to continue with the great work you are doing for a long time! A sister in Christ, A.

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