The Hills Ahead

This has been a really busy week. Our numbers were down Sunday, and my Chinese was apparently on holiday, but it seemed like the Lord really blessed, anyway. Still had a great number of first- and second-time visitors.


T. and J. are going to look at new properties near another campus in town today. We’re hoping to find a reasonably priced and sized place close to this, the biggest campus in town, to launch another location for our church this summer. Our current location is still pretty out of the way for the students from that school, but we’ve had lots and lots of visitors from out there. Plus I think the thing we need right now for growth at the place we do have is space. So this is our major summer goal/project/PRAYER – we’re praying the church can splinter off a small team to plant another location about half an hour away. I hope you’ll pray with us – this is a really big step, and we really want to do things the Lord’s way.


On the language front, I’ve found myself in good arguments with people two or three times this week! While in markets and stuff like that, of course, over prices, junk merchandise, etc.. But it’s fantastic language practice. Each time I’ve only been half-concerned with the subject at hand, but completely interested at trying my hand in a full-fledged argument in Chinese. (Arguing makes you a green belt in your second language, in case you’re wondering). I’d give myself a C+ overall, I guess. There was only a couple times when I totally lost my thoughts and had nothing to say. I wouldn’t say I won any of the arguments; maybe a tie or two, though. Good arguing requires a lot of vocabulary, idioms, slang, and speed – so it’s a tough thing to do well. Great practice.


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