The Get-It Test

Just had a couple people tonight for our Gospel Class. Apparently today is some kind of not-calendar-worthy holiday, and everyone spends time at home and eats with their families. We had a good time though and spent some time on their specific questions about the Bible.  

I heard from St. today, who’s still at home with his family. Told me that he shared the Gospel with his mom. Didn’t get a lot of details, but he just said that we’ll still need to pray for her. So please keep him in your prayers. There is already a desire in his heart to serve the Lord, and what his family thinks about it is naturally important to him.  

Several of these students have asked me what to do if family isn’t exactly thrilled about their decision to follow Christ. They’re usually happy to hear that Jesus had something to say about it but are usually less than satisfied with the whole forsake-them-and-take-up-the-cross thing. I sure can’t chuck a rock at them; it hardly makes me leap for joy. But it has been exciting to see a knowledge of the Gospel encourage them to share it with their family. If a person supposedly understands the Gospel but has no desire to share it, do they really get it? 

I heard a guy say that if a person’s life isn’t affected by the Gospel, then they fail to understand one of two things: the depths of their own sinfulness, or the heights of the price required to redeem. If my own sin is any kind of litmus test, I’d say that’s about right. I hope that we can build a church here that centers right on these two truths – the two measures of the glory of Christ. We talked about II Peter 1 tonight at the Gospel class, and I just thought what Peter said was amazing – he says that he won’t stop reminding them about the  Gospel, even though they know it and are established it. Some things ought to be drilled…

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