Omega Dumpling Factory

Tonight we had our Saturday night Gospel class. Went through the doctrine of salvation. Well, part of it, obviously. But it was a great opportunity to make crystal clear to everyone where we stand. I think a growing sense of anticipation is working its way into some of the students about the burden that God has given us for this city and about the plans for the coming semester.  

Tomorrow evening we have our worship service, and we’re going to celebrate the festival then. So tonight after the service, we all made dumplings, which are the real traditional food for Chinese New Year. Most of them had only made them once or twice before, so they enjoyed it quite a bit. Dumplings, or jiao zi, are pretty much a little dough tortilla filled with meat or vegetables, pinched closed, and boiled, steamed, or fried. It’s like Pizza Rolls made from Chinese food. They dip them into soy sauce or something. Not real complex, but just about my favorite Chinese food (after rice in all variations). Also, it’s like a 7 on the Chopstick Difficulty Scale. 

I was reading about Gideon today, and I was really struck by his requests. You know, the ones that we always scorn him for. He’s terrified of what’s ahead, so he asks God to show him signs. Strangely enough, God always acquiesces. Time and time again, He reassures Gideon that He’s going to take care of him. To be honest, this is what I want sometimes: some kind of sign or proof that God is going to do something in the future. That He’s got it taken care of, and we’re just obeying our way to fruitfulness. That we’re really not here for nothing, but on a mission from His throne. 

But then I remembered that Romans says that the sign I’m looking for can be found in my salvation! The fact that we love God and are called according to His purpose is His sign to us that He is in charge of our lives and will work everything out for good. He does not begin a good work where He has no intention to complete. He’s not just the Alpha God, He’s the Omega God.  

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