None Of My Business

Began a new adventure today – that of discovering what it takes to establish a business here in China. Everyone at the business bureau place is kind of surprised that I don’t even know for sure what kind of business I want to start, let alone what I want to name it. Hard to explain that I could care less. So maybe I want to start a “give-me-a-visa-to-live-in-China” company and call it “Really Easy to Operate,” Inc. That’ll about do it.

This seems like it may turn into kind of a complicated maneuver, but I think and pray that it will ultimately lead to greater liberty with our time and future in China. The deal is, school is rather expensive – we could use the money to rent a building plus hire a couple of employees to run the whole deal. And it’s largely a waste of time. There are far faster ways to learn a language than sitting in a classroom of 20 students (that’s the “autopilot” approach to language learning, and it stinks). Plus, a business gives us some more longevity, a real excuse to be inside the country for a long time to come. Also gives excuses to have buildings, spend lots of time with a few people, and even to have large group meetings. Then there’s the real jackpot – the visas. When we can invite ourselves into the country and bring along some friends and provide visas for everyone, this party will really be going.

But the paperwork looks to be a tangled mess. St. and I ran into a lady though that works for some “set-up-your-new-business-for-you” business. So, though their prices are a little steep, she says they can take care of most of the work for you and have you ready to operate in about a month. My visa’s good for a while, but the next time I renew, I’d like to do so under the auspices of a business.

It’s like Joseph, you know? He came into Egypt on a slave visa (not much different from a student visa), switched to a prison visa, then to a business visa. Hopefully we can cut out the middleman. But what is neat about Joseph was he was in the country doing something he didn’t want to do (serve in some guy’s house, serve in the prison, serve as Disaster Relief Chairman) and it was what God used to fulfill the dreams of his youth. He was in the economic scene, the political scene, and the… Department of Corrections scene! But ultimately, his life brought worldwide glory to God. Who knows what scene God may put you in to bring Him maximum glory in this world!

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One Comment on “None Of My Business”

  1. STM September 21, 2007 at 10:10 pm #

    Hello there. God bless you for the work you are doing, and thanks for keeping us up to date with this blog…it helps to know what your daily needs are so I can pray specifically for those things.
    I have an idea for your “business plan”. It just so happens that I underwrite loans for a bank in NC, and just yesterday had a request from a business that repairs and services transformers. When they can’t repair the transformer, they break it down and sell the scrap metal to a business in…you guessed it…CHINA. So, when I read your blog today, I immediately made the connection that you could easily classify your business activity as a broker or intermediary for importing/exporting “goods” between China and the USA. Except in your case, the “goods” are the love of Christ and eternal salvation. By the way, wouldn’t it be just incredibly wonderful if you did indeed discover some other tangible product or material that a business in the US needs that you could easily acquire, ship and make a nice commission. That could indeed provide a nice financial backing for your real life’s work! Best regards, STM

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