Another too-big-for-comfort Bible study tonight. We had somewhere close to 38 people in our house. Praise the Lord! It was pretty awesome, but we are really hurting for that new location. St. and I are scheduled to go hunting for one tomorrow, so your prayers are appreciated. Tonight was our last look at the claims of Christ as we looked at Jesus’ promise of a second coming. It is so exciting when the Gospel really is “news.” When you know that you’re delivering a message that many have never heard before! It’s hard to describe how amazing that feels!

St. spoke for about ten minutes tonight. He was super nervous! His normal excitement was lacking as people called to confirm that they were coming. He spoke in English, which made me want to strangle him, but he did a great job (he told me later that he spoke in English so that he’d have an excuse for not being a good speaker). He talked about the joy a relationship with God brings, and the security he enjoys as a Christian. He talked about how his relationship with his earthly father has always lacked, but now he has a Father that he talks to everyday.

Jm. brought about a dozen people tonight from his school, making his school the largest represented here. They are pretty far away from here, too. They’re really bugging me about going out there to start another Bible study. I’d love to. Just waiting on my language ability. I really like this guy a lot. He’s really an influencer at his school. He’s made a profession of faith, and I’d really love to see him take some steps toward maturity.

Both of the guys that found out about our illegal status last week were back. One of the guys, Jt., feels like he’s really in on everything now and tries to talk to me about our future plans and stuff. It’s awesome. He really doesn’t know anything about all this, but he’s just really for it! So every week I tell him more plans, and he nods his head even more and says, “I think that’d be great.” Yeah, me too.

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