A Day of Searching

Exciting day yesterday. My father-in-law has been more than courageous in experimenting with the local cuisine, and at some point in the Chinese food bonanza, he ate a silk worm. A few hours later, his skin was irritated and his glands were swelling. Turns out he’s allergic. Extremely allergic. He’s a doctor; he knows. So he knew he would have to go to the hospital for an epipen injection before he develops serious respiratory problems. But, hey, we’re in China, so why not rush to a couple of pharmacies and see if they don’t have one laying around. For the record, this is the junk they stab and inject right into your heart when you’re DYING to try to wake you up.

The first place explains to me that they don’t have anything like that and give us a simple allergy medicine. Not gonna do it. So I ask some nice old lady on the street, who escorts us to another pharmacy a couple of blocks away. Welts breaking out, etc., so we’re really hoping. Sure thing, they have just the thing. Needle and everything. But we’re not sure we have the 250 kuai (about 33 dollars) on us because we rushed out of the house so fast. Turns out, though, I missed the decimal, and we only owed 2.50 kuai (about 33 cents)! So we rushed home, and my father-in-law took his injection and was soon feeling much better.

…and people wonder why I don’t eat silk worms…

St. and I went to four realtors yesterday and found one place that was suitable for our Bible study. Unfortunately, it was completely unfinished. It looks just like a construction zone. Cheap rent (just about 200 bucks a month), and the guy said he’d be willing to go a little cheaper since we would put a lot of work into it. Downside, I don’t want to put a lot of work into it. We’d also like to have a little bit larger main room. It’d be a miracle if we fit sixty people into the big room at this place. Not the best location, either. We’d really like a place somewhere between the two largest universities in tow, so we can draw from both. So we’re going to look around a little bit more. Pray for our search!

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